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    Start Day Positive

    Coffee: There is nothing like a cup of #MauCoffee to warm up your soul and start your day right! It is truly a heavenly taste! In the morning, reaching for a cup of coffee improves your alertness and helps you overcome fatigue and drowsiness, giving you an energetic start to your day. A recent study shows that in moderation, 300 mg of caffeine/day, the amount found in 3-4 cups, will increase your alertness and help improve your short-term memory and enhance your performance. It will help you stay focused during the day and more concentrated at work.  Here are some additional tips to help you start your day fresh and perform better: A…

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    Coffee History

    Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, second only to water. In most countries around the world, coffee drinkers outnumber tea drinkers (with exceptions such as China, the UK, and Turkey), while in Japan, both beverages are equally popular. It is well known in many cultures that tea, specifically green tree, has numerous health benefits, but does coffee also promote good health? The answer is probably yes. In August 2017, “Annals of Internal Medicine,” a leading scientific journal, published two large studies that, when combined, included more than 700,000 people. Both studies showed that moderate coffee consumption was significantly associated with lower mortality rates. The history…

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