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Start Day Positive

Coffee: There is nothing like a cup of #MauCoffee to warm up your soul and start your day right! It is truly a heavenly taste!

In the morning, reaching for a cup of coffee improves your alertness and helps you overcome fatigue and drowsiness, giving you an energetic start to your day.

A recent study shows that in moderation, 300 mg of caffeine/day, the amount found in 3-4 cups, will increase your alertness and help improve your short-term memory and enhance your performance. It will help you stay focused during the day and more concentrated at work. 

Here are some additional tips to help you start your day fresh and perform better:

  • A good night’s rest is sure to help: 8 hours of sleep are usually enough to help you wake up energized. And if you have to get up early, go to bed a little earlier than usual. Even an extra ½ hour of sleep can do wonders.
  • Get an active start: Going for a 15-minute jog or even exercising at home in the morning can help.
  • Start your day in a healthy way: Proper nutrition after a night of sleep will get your system functioning better and help you overcome fatigue. Make sure to get a balanced breakfast with complex carbohydrates, a source of protein, and calcium plus fruits and vegetables for extra vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In addition, pack up nutritious snacks to help you hold on till lunchtime.

Stimulate your day after lunch! It is quite normal to feel sleepy after a heavy lunch. And there is significant evidence that demonstrates the existence of a post-lunch dip, resulting in an inability to sustain attention. This is normal and is in fact our body’s natural rhythm for demanding rest, usually occurring about 7 hours after waking up.

This is why a stimulating cup of coffee after lunch can help you get your work performance back on track. Caffeine helps you overcome drowsiness and fatigue while restoring your alertness. It will boost your energy and improve your concentration, making it just what you need to get through the second half of the day.

Did you know? Coffee can also put you in a better mood after lunch. Studies show that people who have a coffee after lunch feel more contented and are more interested in their work.

What else can you do to reduce the post-lunch dip?

  • Indulge a little less at lunch: Evidence shows that eating a smaller portion at lunch will definitely reduce your post-lunch slump. Eating meals that are low in fat and rich in fruits and vegetables will also help.
  • Keep yourself active: If you are feeling sleepy after lunch, take a 5-minute walk, preferably outside for some fresh air and natural light. If this is not possible, try walking indoors in your office or building… before you resume work as usual.
  • Put on some music: Whether on your computer or personal player, music will give you a little mood change, making it easier to get through the day.

Whatever your reason, whether to start your day or to help maintain your energy, coffee is a drink you can enjoy anytime. For coffee lovers, remember to drink coffee in moderation, i.e. 3-4 cups a day. 

Good to know: 80% of employees say they are more productive and relaxed at the workplace when they have their coffee.

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