MauCoffee Specialized Center

“It’s all about coffee”

We are a Honduran company specialized in the coffee field with decades of experience and extensive knowledge, dedicated to training,
advice and consulting that offers benefits to both students and the coffee industry.

Our mission is to educate to undertake and create the habit of consumption of Honduran quality coffee.

Coffee Shop

Start my Coffeeshop

Practical training for each step of how to start your own coffee business. Coffee education, business planning, and training. You will discover step by step how to put your own successful cafeteria. From the
Correct machine, the right place, and the best suppliers.


Barista Course

Learn the necessary skills to feel safe working as baristas in a quality cafeteria environment and how to correctly operate an espresso machine, mills, and traditional equipment to prepare coffee. In addition, you will learn how to vaporize milk, prepare all classic espresso drinks and keep the equipment.

Coffee Art

Latte Art

Learn advanced milk vaporization and texturing techniques, discharge mechanics, and how to pour the most popular Latte art designs: the heart, ringed heart, tulip, and rosetta, among others. This class provides extensive individualized instruction by our team of educators and coffee professionals.

Taking this course, with MauCoffee Specialized Center, has been one of the best decisions I ever made

Martha P

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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