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Coffee Drinks!

Most types of coffee drinks comprise three common ingredients: espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Additional toppings can be added to each coffee type based on your preferences. The following are just some of the coffee drink definitions and possible cup pairings you may consider adding to your coffee.

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Types of coffee drinks

Choosing what coffee to buy!

Walking into the coffee aisle at a grocery store makes it easy to be overwhelmed. You see a wall of different brands and varieties of coffee staring back at you, and you might not know exactly how to navigate it. Below you’ll find some common coffee terms explained, so you can pick the coffee that is right for you!

Blends VS. Single Origin

First, let’s discuss blends vs. single origins.

Blends are just what they sound like; a variety of coffee from different countries that are blended to create a consistent flavor profile. When you drink a blend, you are experiencing less of how the individual coffees taste and more about how the coffees fit together.

A single origin is just that – a coffee that is sourced from one country. Single origins let the consumer focus on the unique flavors that exist in the coffee from the specific region it is sourced from. Single origins often change with the seasons, just like any other consumer crop, making for a different experience in every bag. 

Roast Levels

Now let’s talk about roast levels. There are three common roast levels that you typically see printed on coffee bags – light, medium, and dark roast. But you can think of roast levels as a spectrum.

A light roast allows the consumer to taste the coffee as is. Often a single-origin coffee will be a light roast so that the consumer can taste the different notes that are present in the coffee naturally.

These flavors are often fruity or bright.

Most blends are a darker roast to remain consistent. Darker roasts often have a more “traditional” coffee taste that so many know and love.

In a dark roast, you may taste hints of chocolate. #maucoffee is from the Honduran region and offers a dark and medium roast.

Choosing your coffee cup

The cup itself is the perfect accessory to your morning routine! Don’t just grab any cup. Take some time to think about the cup that you and your coffee deserve. This should be a pleasurable experience through and through. If it’s something that you do every day, having a routine that you look forward to can improve your entire day.

How you drink your coffee is paramount in deciding on your cup.

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