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    Start Day Positive

    Coffee: There is nothing like a cup of #MauCoffee to warm up your soul and start your day right! It is truly a heavenly taste! In the morning, reaching for a cup of coffee improves your alertness and helps you overcome fatigue and drowsiness, giving you an energetic start to your day. A recent study shows that in moderation, 300 mg of caffeine/day, the amount found in 3-4 cups, will increase your alertness and help improve your short-term memory and enhance your performance. It will help you stay focused during the day and more concentrated at work.  Here are some additional tips to help you start your day fresh and perform better: A…

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    Coffee Benefits

    Caffeine is the main ingredient in coffee, and it is this that has made it popular. Caffeine has a stimulating effect, which means that it gives people more energy and increases alertness. Coffee also contains polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties and are thought to be a big reason coffee provides a health advantage. An August 2017 study in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” reported some good news for coffee drinkers. The first study included a sample of 185,855 African Americans, Native Hawaiians, Latinos, Japanese Americans, and whites. The 16-year study concluded that those who drank four or more cups of coffee a day were 18 percent less likely to die…

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    Coffee Brewing Styles

    Not all coffee is brewed in the same way. Different brewing styles can cause changes in the flavor and strength of the drink. Here are just a few brewing styles that you may incorporate in your shop: Drip BrewGround coffee is added to a brew basket and placed in an automatic coffee machine for this brewing style. Gravity is used to pass water through the grounds, resulting in a traditional cup of coffee. Pour OverThis brewing style is achieved by pouring boiling water slowly through coffee grounds as they sit in a filter basket. The coffee then drips into a single cup, resulting in a potent brew. Cold BrewFor cold brew, coarsely…

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    Become a Barista

    Working as a barista is ideal for people with a passion for coffee or for young people who want a great first job that will teach them many transferable skills. Learn the necessary skills to feel safe working as baristas in a quality cafeteria environment and how to correctly operate an espresso machine, mills, and traditional equipment to prepare coffee. In addition, you will learn how to vaporize milk, prepare all classic espresso drinks and keep the equipment. Learn advanced milk vaporization and texturing techniques, pouring mechanics, and how to pour the most popular latte art designs: the heart + ringed heart, tulip, and Rosetta. This class provides extensive individualized…

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    Coffee Drinks!

    Most types of coffee drinks comprise three common ingredients: espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Additional toppings can be added to each coffee type based on your preferences. The following are just some of the coffee drink definitions and possible cup pairings you may consider adding to your coffee. Types of coffee drinks Espresso Double Espresso Red Eye Black Eye Americano Long Black Macchiato Long Macchiato Cortado Breve Cappuccino Flat White Cafe Latte Mocha Vienna Affogato Cafe au Lait Iced Coffee Choosing what coffee to buy! Walking into the coffee aisle at a grocery store makes it easy to be overwhelmed. You see a wall of different brands and varieties of coffee…

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    Coffee History

    Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, second only to water. In most countries around the world, coffee drinkers outnumber tea drinkers (with exceptions such as China, the UK, and Turkey), while in Japan, both beverages are equally popular. It is well known in many cultures that tea, specifically green tree, has numerous health benefits, but does coffee also promote good health? The answer is probably yes. In August 2017, “Annals of Internal Medicine,” a leading scientific journal, published two large studies that, when combined, included more than 700,000 people. Both studies showed that moderate coffee consumption was significantly associated with lower mortality rates. The history…

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